Slime DIY Maker - Simulator games in your phone

Learn to make silt and jelly stretching and mixing colors -Slime Simulator DIY
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  • Android 4.1+
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Slime game simulator

Play to create your own Slime. With Slime DIY you can knead, stretch, paint and many more things as if it were really slime but without getting dirty and without staining!

Features of Slime DIY Maker:

- Play with your slime directly with your phone
- Realistic slime simulation: crush it, stretch it, color it and much more
- Free ability to play: have fun playing with slime and your own rules
- Share your slime with your friends: viscous, soft, colorful, sticky
- Added magic: mix the colors and create fantastic slimes games
- All slimes are different: textures and colors
- DIY creates your own virtual slime
- Crush the slime against the screen without getting dirty or stuck
- Create nasty and ugly slime without videos or internet
- How to make slime factory or laboratory challenge
- No glue and no borax
- Finger, simulator game and blitz
- Stretch the jelly. slime and guaranteed fun

Download APK File: Download Slime DIY Maker - Simulator games in your phone APK