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Do you worry when you leave your phone unattended while charging it in public places? Try our app!
"Anti Theft Alarm" will keep your phone safe from nosy people and thieves Once you activate the anti theft alarm, a loud alarm will sound if someone moves or unplugs the phone from the charger Do you feel someone is going through your phone while you are not around? Don't worry! We have the best solution to protect and secure your device.

With the help of alarMob, we will catch the culprits, there is no need to worry anymore even if you leave your phone unattended in a public place With our app, we will catch the culprits who tried to steal your device We have made an App not only the alarm will sound loud with very bright flashing lights that will immediately make you aware that someone is trying to steal it, but we also made it to take a photo of them during the act.

Even if they still manage to get away with the device, don't worry! With the help of the police, you will get your phone back and catch the thief as the image will be automatically sent to your chosen email address.
Only you can turn off the anti theft alarm using personal PIN-code or unlock pattern. You will immediately know when someone is touching your phone and they can do nothing to stop the sound With our app your phone will not be stolen or used without your permission. Leave your phone anywhere, no one will dare to touch it!

ANTI THEFT ALARM can be used to surprise people with a loud siren, when they try to use your phone.
anti theft alarm can also be used to prevent your phone being used by anyone.
It also protects your from being restarted or remove battered by anyone else.
It protects your phone from being stolen while travelling or using public transport or ride sharing or taxi sharing.
On being disconnected from charging- loud siren will play, hence preventing phone from being misused.
Privacy is biggest concern when you are in a group, so use anti theft alarm when you want to protect your phone being used by anyone without your permission. It also ask for password to stop siren - which only you can do it.

1) A notification is displayed to the user when the charger is plugged in and by a single key you can access the application.
2) Notify your friends through a message on the phones current location when the phone is lost.
3) phone movement detection
4) charger disconnected detection
5) Password protection (Pattern / PIN)
6) Strong alarm even if the phone is in silent mode
7) Select the anti theft alarm sound of your choice
8) Phone vibrates and flashes screen similar to police lights when alarm is triggered
Here are a lot of situations where the anti-theft alarm will be useful BURGLARS You must be wary APP

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