Paani Foundation

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Paani Foundation is a not-for-profit company set up by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao in early 2016 in order to work towards creating a drought-free Maharashtra. The Foundation’s team comprises of the core team members of the Satyamev Jayate show. The CEO is Satyajit Bhatkal (director of Satyamev Jayate) and the COO is Reena Datta.

31st January – The last date for villages in the thirty selected talukas to apply.
February and March – A four-day residential training camp will be organised for the five villagers selected by the Gram Panchayats.

8th April to 22nd May 2017 – Competition Period for Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2017.
22nd May to 31st May – Submission of Village Progress Report.

1st June to 30th June – Validation of the Village Progress Reports.

1st July to 15th July – Data Analysis of the work done by the villages.

15th July to 10th August – A panel of expert judges will visit the top villages and prepare results.

To begin with, the Foundation is working on the question of water only in the state of Maharashtra.

The Government of Maharashtra has launched the ambitious Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan to work on watershed management at the village level. Several NGOs and corporates have adopted villages and are constructing local water conservation works for this purpose. While all of this work is extremely important, we are approaching the challenge from a diametrically different direction.

We believe that it is the people themselves who have the greatest power and capacity to solve the problem of water. If people are convinced and motivated, they will find the land, the money, the know-how, the labour and whatever else is required to harvest and manage their water. This approach offers the real possibility of a mammoth and rapid scale-up of the effort to solve the water crisis.

Concretely, the Foundation is working on three major fronts:

1. Motivation: People must be convinced that localised rainwater harvesting and watershed management is the way to ensure water security. Farmers, industrialists, citizens of every walk of life – adults and children – everyone will have to be part of the movement. Every person must be convinced that he or she has a role to play in this and that this role can be played easily and joyfully.

The Foundation aims to use every form of mass media and digital media to motivate people by entertaining them, educating them and emotionally drawing them into this movement.

2. Training: The Foundation is working towards training five persons per village in 30,000 drought-prone villages in Maharashtra to work on watershed management. This will entail training nearly 1.5 lakh people totally.

This training will have two key components. The first is the technical aspects of watershed management and the second is the leadership challenge which, at heart, is the challenge of getting people together and united for this task.

3. A Platform for Resources: The Foundation aims to create a digital platform that will enable people to:
– Access technical information from peers and from experts.
– Access funds through crowdsourcing.
– Access help from the government.
– Access mentors and volunteers.

In a nutshell, the Foundation’s focus is to motivate, train and empower people to solve their water crisis through their own efforts.


This app is both informative & functional App meant for all participants of Water Cup 2017 competition to feed in details about their activities as trained during the Training Sessions. Non-Participants can also use the App to know everything about Paani Foundation, Water Cup & be informed about latest updates & achievements, additionally be an integral part of this noble initiative.

Download APK File: Download Paani Foundation APK