Santa Christmas Gift Delivery : Santa Claus Gifts

Santa role play game for kids to drive santa cart and deliver xmas gift for free
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Santa Christmas Gift Delivery Game, Collect your gifts from Santa Claus
Christmas is over but not the santa fun it gave us to all and you can still get some gifts from santa in this christmas gift games and santa gift delivery games. Play and be a part in spreading the wondrous joys in santa gift delivery game for kids. drive the santa Christmas gift cart around the town and deliver beautiful gift to girls and boys.

Play the beloved Santa now, you get the Santa cart full of gifts and good working dog to drive it. your missions are to ride this dog cart as the Santa and deliver these precious gifts to deserving kids. This beautiful Christmas game provide you the role play that kids love in Christmas holidays. Role play as Santa and deliver the gifts that kids love. Children are skating on snow and making snowman in their play grounds and your duty is to give some precious gift to them

The christmas has made people very excited. Snow fall in vacations brought a fizzy chill among people of city.
The santa christmas gift delivery game was created with the spirit of christmas. Magical sounds and unusual images combine to play based on simple mechanism, Become a santa clause and deliver presents to all houses

Drive the cart like in other driving games and enjoy yourself with this christmas game. Watch for snow skaters playing and racing in the city. The adventures will thrill you from your heart. Play this real Christmas car game, get coins and buy some new carts to play openly. 

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