WoodieHoo Animal Friends

Play and discover the amazing world of WoodieHoo! Ideal for children from age 2.
3.3 / 5

The Woodies are four animal friends, who set sail together to look for happiness in a distant land. Far across the seas, they eventually found a pretty and hilly island called WoodieHoo – their new home! Explore the imaginative houses of Freddy the fox, Kitty the cat, Doody the dog and Bonnie the rabbit.

Plant flowers and tomatoes in their gardens, mow the lawn or let cheeky moles dig there. In Freddy's tree house, funny beetles wave at you, just waiting for you to put them on the marble run and let them roll away. Call other Woodies to come round and play – and enjoy the gift they bring with them!
In Kitty's windmill, you can decorate cakes in her tinkering kitchen – with icing, whipped cream or colourful sprinkles.
There is a bathroom with a huge bathtub waiting for you in Doodys cosy lighthouse. It’s so much fun to soap Doody and to see all the soap bubbles burst.
And, quite naturally, every little house has a cute bedroom as well. With the right pair of pyjamas and teddy bear, the Woodies all have a good night and dream of what the next day may bring.
WoodieHoo is a warm-hearted kids app, which encourages toddlers to explore and experience everyday situations.

– Freddy’s tree house for free
– Kitty’s windmill and Doody’s lighthouse available as extension
– Four animal friends (fox, cat, dog and rabbit)
– Fun minigames and lots of animations
– Children’s book look, lavishly illustrated and designed with much attention to detail
– Open game play with no rules or pressure
– Creativity and fun
– Kid-friendly interface
– Ad-free and safe

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The App WoodieHoo was developed for children from age two and above. There are neither points, rankings nor time or performance pressure. Rather, the emphasis is placed on playful discovery and trying out new things. And of course, more than anything: fun!